A same sex, Hawkstone Hall wedding in Shropshire.

It was an honour to photograph Toni & Matt's luxurious Hawkstone Hall wedding. One filled with fun and joy from the offset.

This was a really classy, black tie affair with impeccable attention to detail. the couple were keen to use the 4 seasons as a running theme and this was showcased through their floral displays and impressive wedding cakes.

Toni and Matt tied the knot in the breathtaking, on site chapel at Hawkstone, watched by dozens of friends and family, all there to celebrate with this beautiful couple.

Lots of posed photographs were off the agenda as Toni and Matt wished to spend as much time as possible with their guests, but we found a couple of short intervals to explore the front drive and immaculate back garden at this incredible venue.

The party was Ibiza themed, and the DJ was instructed to play club classics from the offset to guarantee a full dance-floor from minute one. Live singer Franchesqua was outstanding and would later team up with a sax and percussion pair who added to the already vibrant atmosphere.

My day ended with a sparkler 'guard of honour' and spectacular fireworks display on the back lawn.

I specialise in both heterosexual and same sex marriages so please enquire today if you would like me there to capture your special day.