Bordeaux Wedding Photographers.

bride and groom on the steps at Chateau Lagorce

I've had the privilege of visiting many destinations over the years for fabulous weddings, but France, and in particularly, Bordeaux is a location that I can't get enough of. I'm guessing you may have stumbled across this page because you too are planning a French Wedding, and may need a destination wedding photographer?

I love Bordeaux because it is conveniently close to most UK airports and offers a breathtaking range of beautifully unique Chateaus, all set amongst greenery and world famous vineyards that snake for miles through the French countryside.

The climate is favourable during all months of wedding season (April to October) and golden hour is almost a certainty. Then there's the food...Oh my goodness, THE FOOD (and red wine, gallons of it)!

guests mingling at Chateau Lagorce
boy standing by an old door in France
croquembouche wedding cake

I have visited Bordeaux as a destination wedding photographer on a few occasions in recent years, shooting at stunning locations such as Chateau Rigaud and Chateau Lagorce. Please feel free to clink the link to see more examples of my Bordeaux Wedding Gallery for extra destination wedding inspiration.

You may be asking yourselves why is it a good idea to book a destination wedding photographer? For me it's simple, your wedding photographs are the only lasting, visible memory of your day. For couples that are passionate about their photos, booking a UK based photographer who you can communicate with easily, potentially meet in person is so important in the pre planning. For me personally I have nearly 15 years of wedding experience and have shot weddings all over the world, so be sure to use someone who has done these things before and is confident in travelling overseas with equipment etc.

Another query is, how much do destination wedding photographers cost? My pricing is relatively straight forward. Couples pay my normal UK day rate plus any additional costs to get me to your location (flights/accommodation/car hire etc). Bespoke packages can be offered to cover pre/after parties that might be taking place during your wedding abroad.

bride and groom in the vineyards at Chateau Rigaud

If you are planning a wedding in France, and need a Bordeaux Wedding Photographer, I would really love to hear from you. We can arrange a video call to meet and discuss your day in more detail. Please CONTACT ME via my website and I will get back to you quickly with my availability and pricing.

I look forward to hearing all about your destination wedding plans.