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How would you describe your style?

Our aim is to capture your wedding day in the most natural way possible. We want to create an accurate documentation of your wedding day without forcing smiles or bossing your guests around. We prefer to befriend and make your party feel at ease to guarantee the most relaxed outcome. There are times throughout the day where we will need to be vocal – during group shots mainly, but other than that, expect us to be discretely milling around snapping the special moments as they unravel.

Do you take many group shots? 

As a rule, we tend to recommend no more than 10 group shot variations. We can do more, but this will eat into precious time on your big day. On average, we would spend between 20-30 minutes carrying out your group shots.

How long will you stay for? 

There is no cap on our coverage time. You can usually expect us for the bridal preparations around 3 hours before the ceremony, and leave close to 10pm once all dance floor madness has been captured. If you have specific plans (fireworks etc) that are taking place late on, please let us know in advance and we will be sure to hang around.

How far do you travel for your weddings? 

We have covered all corners of the UK, and have made the odd trip abroad too – In answer to the question, we travel anywhere! UK travel costs are covered in your package cost. For weddings particularly far afield (2 hours from our Midlands base), we may ask for a hotel room to stay in the night before to ensure that we are fresh on the morning of your wedding day.

Tell me more about your pre-wedding shoots?

Our pre-wedding shoots are a fantastic opportunity to familiarise yourselves with our photographic style, and also get to know us as people (and visaversa). We meet at a location of your choice at any point in the run up to your wedding date, take some photos of you together and chat about the wedding, and life in general. We will send the photographs across once edited, you guys decide your favourite, which is then framed with a chunky mount ready for your guests to leave messages on during the big day. The end result is basically a framed guest book ready to hang on the wall and be looked at and reminisced over every day!

How many photographs should we expect to receive? And what about the video?

Every wedding is different in it’s duration, activities planned, length of ceremony/speeches, so it is impossible to say exactly how many final images will be handed over. We can guarantee between 200-600 final images…sometimes more, which is a lovely added bonus. All images are carefully selected from the batch and professionally edited in our unique style. In terms of video duration, expect your feature film to be anywhere between 30-90 minutes. We also produce a short highlights film (2-5 minutes) for online sharing with friends and family.

Will my ceremony and speeches be filmed? 

We always do everything we can to capture your ceremony and speeches to the highest standard. There is the rare occasion whereby there are stumbling blocks, often for religious reasons or venue restrictions, but it’s best to check with your ceremony venue first so that we can try to work around it.

How do we go about choosing the music for our wedding video?

Our couples have full flexibility when choosing the music for their feature film, we usually ask for around 10 songs to overlay during the editing process. It works a little differently with the highlights film. Because this is displayed online, we have to take into account copyright laws. We choose a licensed track which closely represents you as a couple, the style of your wedding etc.

How soon after the wedding can we see our photos and video? 

Its tough to answer this question accurately. Our turn around is purely dependant on how busy we are during that particular time of the year. Photos take less time to edit and can be completed within 8-16 weeks. The video editing process is much more time consuming and you should allow for a delivery of between 12-24 weeks. We advise our couples to stay patient. You can’t rush perfection, and every wedding is given the same amounts of care and attention.

Do you offer albums?

We work closely with an awesome UK based album supplier, and although our books aren’t included in the packages, we love to see our work on paper and therefore welcome album orders. We offer a few size variations which are bespoke in the design, making them completely unique to you. Let us know which pictures you would like included and we will produce a digital design for your approval. Once sent off to the supplier, they’re usually sent back completed within 2-4 weeks.

Are there any size limitations to the photographs? Can we print them?

The image files provided are slightly smaller than the original files taken directly from the camera, but plenty big enough to print on large format media such as canvases, prints etc. In other words, you can print your wedding photos in whatever size you like, as many times as you like.

How do we go about booking? Do we need to pay a deposit?

First we need to check our availability, if we are free, we will take a small deposit of £300 to secure your date. Payment can be made over the phone/via bank transfer/over the counter.