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Today, more and more couples are deciding to celebrate the biggest day of their lives overseas, whether it be Thailand, New York, France, Iceland or The Maldives, we aren’t fussy and would love to be the guys that help you to photograph/film your destination wedding.  Having already visited Bali, Goa, Cyprus, Malta and Sorrento, Italy, we are hungry for more, and would love to add more new and exciting destinations to the list. For the comfort and security of taking professionals that you have met and can trust, the investment is surely well worth it. After all we are producing the memories that you will bring back to the UK. All that we ask is that our daily fee is covered for your wedding date, and the costs for us to get there and sleep comfortably are covered. Other than that, no hidden costs will be incurred. If the above sounds good, and there are still seats available on the plane, please get in touch. We would be very keen to discuss your photography and video requirements further.